It all started with a fathers dream to build a place where he, his family and friends could gather to celebrate holidays, enjoy the seasonal activities and have a place to getaway and relax. 

In 1994 the plan to turn his dream into a reality began.  He started with a drawing which developed into full architectural plans. He purchased several parcels of land, hired a crew, ordered materials and broke ground.   Months of  deliveries, heavy equipment, challenging terrain and back breaking work followed. Finally, the structure started to resemble his dream.

Board after board and nail after nail, the exterior was completed. Now, it was time to work on the interior. Paint, counters, floors, etc. began to arrive and were installed. The interior was ready.  

Moving in day arrived!! Moving trucks were loaded, pick up trucks and lots of muscle were recruited since everything had to be brought up the steep driveway by hand and then up flights of stairs to the appropriate rooms. The trucks and muscle arrived and so did Mother Nature with its first dumping of snow. Moving day in the snow!! Welcome to the mountains! No dream ever becomes a reality without hard work. This dream had become just that! Final decorating touches were completed and it was now a dream come true!!

Years of family gatherings, celebrations, beautiful summers and stormy winters passed.

The outdoor deck became his dream spot! Hour upon hour he would sit and take in the sounds of the blue jays, the smell of the pine trees and the changes in the weather. 

The cabin had become a part of him.

In  January 2007 in the dead of winter, tragedy struck! The cabin became a frozen "ice house"  when a  water main broke, bursting all the interior pipes and flooded everything within its walls.

Icicles hung in the garage and the drywall ceilings in the house draped the rooms like sheets filled with water.

What would happen now? 

Yup, rebuild!! Nothing could stop this man.

Everything on the first, second and half of the third floor were ruined. Frozen and wet furniture, appliances, belongings, carpet, and drywall were all destroyed and had to be hauled away.

The house was stripped down to the studs and sat for many months in order to dry out.

Once dry, the rebuild began... again. 

After months of work, installing new drywall, carpet, flooring, appliances, and furniture were again moved in!

At last it was finished.... for the second time!

Once again, he could, sit on the deck in the early morning hours with his coffee and dog, and listen to

the sounds of the mountain and enjoy his dream. 

This cabin was truly this mans Labor of Love.

May he live on through its sturdy structure, beautiful

views and the sound of laughter and joy within its walls.

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